Montclair at Partridge Creek

The Shops at Stoney Creek 

      This project was done for a private owner and located in Shelby Township.  The work include sanitary sewer install, water main               install storm sewer install site and site balancing.

Monarch Estates

33 Mile Road over Cemetery Creek and over Highbank Creek

      Located in the northern part of Macomb County, this project consisted of a bridge removal and replacement with pre-cast box                       culverts, asphalt paving and guardrails. The work was done for MDOT and Macomb County Department of Roads.

23 Mile/ I-94 Sanitary Sewer 

      Work was done for the Charter Township of Chesterfield which included: 422 linear feet of 12" Sanitary Sewer, 1065 linear feet of 15"              Sanitary Sewer, 280 linear feet of Jack in Place 20" Steel Casing, 406 linear feet of Jack in Place 24" Steel Casing and Sanitary                Structures.  

      Located in Macomb County, Montclair at Partridge Creek was a fast paced project that was completed ahead of schedule.  It consisted              of 4,992 lineal feet of 10" sanitary, 5,158 lineal feet of 8" water main, and 9,628 lineal feet of storm ranging from 12"-48".  TRP also              did the site balancing on this project which included stripping the topsoil, cut/fill road grades, excavate and topsoil the pond. 

​State Highway

      Located in Macomb Township, Monarch Estates was developed by a private owner. The job consisted of 10" sanitary-3638                   lineal feet, 8" water-4155 lineal feet, storm ranging from 12"-42" 8676 lineal feet. Site balancing and the excavation of three             ponds also took place.

2014 Water Main Replacement Project- City of Eastpointe

      Work was completed on several streets in the City of Eastpointe which included: 11,995 linear feet of 8" DI Water main, 835 linear feet of 12"              DI water main, 8" gate valve and box, 12" Gate Valve and well, fire hydrants, water services, 877 linear feet of 12" CL IV, structures and              concrete work.  Work was completed for the City of Eastpointe.

City of Eastpointe- Stephens Road Water Main Replacement Progect

      Work was done for the City of Eastpointe which included 6,215 linear feet of 12" water main, 1,200 linear feet of 8" water main, 19,100                 SYD sidewalk-conc, 4" & 6", 670 SYD Driveway nonreinf conc 4", 3,740 SYD HMD pavement, 1,480 FT HMA curb, 880 SYD HMA                   driveway 4", 562 SYD HMA Sidewalk 2".


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6267 St. Clair Highway

China Township, MI  48054

Site Development

Carlysle Street- City of Dearborn- MDOT

      Located in the City of Dearborn, the work completed on this project was 12,000 linear feet water main install and street paving.  The                project was completed for MDOT in partnership with the City of Dearborn.

Water Replacement/Improvement

Sewer Rehabiliation

Kroger Marketplace D754

      Project was located in Shelby Township; which consisting of the construction of building pad for owner Kroger Co.

City of St. Clair #3- Open Cut Sanitary Repair 

      Sanitary Sewer repairs on several street in the city of St. Clair.  Work completed for the City of St. Clair.